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Artist Statement

My art is an exploration of humanity, delving into the intricate layers of identity, questioning who we are, why we exist, and unraveling the complex tapestry of our cravings, desires, fears, strengths, and weaknesses.


Regardless of the backdrop – be it rural simplicity or the bustling metropolis – my work seeks to illuminate the universal aspects that bind us as humans. Through skillful manipulation of artistic elements, I aspire to create a visual narrative that invites introspection and connection, serving as a mirror reflecting the diverse facets of our shared existence.


Joseph Cunningham was born and raised in Prince George, BC, Canada, where he spent much of his childhood surrounded by the raw beauty of nature and the hardworking, blue-collar spirit of the community. This upbringing left a lasting impression on Joseph's artistic style. His body of work is especially diverse, ranging from painting and illustrations to sculptures and beyond.

Joseph’s work is imbued with a genuine sincerity and hearty spirit that can only come from someone who has lived and breathed the values and experiences that he portrays in his art. 

Today, Joseph lives and works in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where he continues to create art that is both beautiful and deeply meaningful.


Art in the City, WECC, Vancouver, BC, 2022

Pancakes & Booze Art Show, Vancouver, BC, 2021

Solo Exhibition, Omineca Arts Centre, Prince George, BC, 2019

Art for Advent, Murze Magazine,,+ Magazine, 2019

Quickie, James Black Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2018

Bienniale International du Carnet d’Artiste, Societe d’art et d’histiore deBeauport, Quebec City, QC, 2018

Beauty is (pain)t, College of New Caledonia, Prince George, BC, 2018

Sleep is over shaded, College of New Caledonia, Prince George, BC, 2017

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