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"Dark Tyrian Blue" is a captivating textile artwork crafted from a vintage Japanese fabric, showcasing a deep indigo blue hue. The fabric has been selectively bleached to create a striking contrast, revealing the intricate story embedded within its fibers. The piece is large, enveloping viewers in its rich blue tones, and features carefully patched areas, adding layers of history and texture.

It was born from an irresistible attraction to the material, a fabric that already carried a narrative before it became part of this creation. Now, its life continues as a painting, embodying abstract emotions that words cannot fully capture. The act of creating "Dark Tyrian Blue" was an almost mystical experience—an artist's journey of becoming a vessel through which the endless expressions of the universe flow.

Fabric holds a special place in our lives; it defines us and helps us understand ourselves better. "Dark Tyrian Blue" invites viewers to reflect on their relationship with materials and their significance in our shared human experience. This piece is not just an artwork but a conversation with time, space, and the inherent desire to create.

Dark Tryan Blue

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